Djedovic and Lorkowski discuss energy reforms

Djedovic and Lorkowski discuss energy reforms

The Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Djedovic, talked today with the Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski, about the process of energy transition, reforms in the energy sector and further improvement of the legislative framework on energy.

Minister Djedovic pointed out that the green transition is a permanent commitment of the Republic of Serbia and highlighted the significance of cooperation with the Energy Community in planning and implementing activities that will result in a higher share of renewables in the energy mix and a reduction of harmful gas emissions.

"Implementation of energy and climate objectives implies that we have to preserve our energy stability while, at the same time, achieving the targets of the green transition, which should be financially and socially sustainable, as well as to be just and help us maintain a strong and sustainable energy system in the long run," said the Minister.

Djedovic noted that, in addition to ensuring a safe supply of energy and energy sources amidst an energy crisis, one of the priorities is reforming the energy sector, including more efficient functioning of energy utilities.

"The fact that Serbia has opened Cluster 4, which relates to the Green Agenda and sustainable connectivity, is an encouragement for us to continue to work even more efficiently on harmonizing our legislation with EU requirements and regulations. In the previous period, several regulations on network codes were adopted, and in the following period we will continue to work on additional harmonization with European legislation", said Djedovic.

Lorkowski said he was pleased to see Serbia's commitment to the path of energy transition and added that on that path it can count on the full support of the Energy Community Secretariat.

"It has been an honour and pleasure to meet Minister Djedovic today. Despite the challenges of dealing with the energy crisis, I can clearly see that Serbia is fully determined to continue its path of energy sector reforms and energy transition. The Secretariat will continue to fully support Serbia on its path towards energy decarbonization and to achieve tangible benefits for its citizens. "We had a very fruitful discussion regarding the reforms to ensure the energy security of Serbia and the broader region and the accessibility of energy," Lorkowski said.