Last batch of equipment for Kostolac B3 delivered

Last batch of equipment for Kostolac B3 delivered

The last batch of equipment for the construction of the new B3 Unit in the Kostolac thermal power plant has been delivered today by ship to the construction site in Kostolac.

"After three decades, Serbia is building a new energy plant, which is extremely important, especially amidst an energy crisis when we need new capacities for the generation of electricity," said Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Djedovic, who, together with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Chen Bo attended the delivery of new equipment.

The Minister noted that the capacity of the new unit is 350 megawatts, i.e. about 5 percent of the production capacity of EPS. Having in mind the fact that in the course of winter about 10 percent of our electricity consumption comes from import, it is clear how much the additional 5 percent would mean for the safety of all of us, said Djedovic. The new plant will meet all the highest standards in the area of environmental protection, as the cleanest of all the units we have, the Minister emphasized and thanked the employees working on the project. "Currently, 1,000 employees have been hired, and we are confident that there will soon be an additional 200 in order to complete the plant according to the schedule." According to the pan,, the new facility is is to be connected on the grid on Vidovdan (28th June), and put into operation in October next year," said Djedovic.

The Minister expressed her gratitude to the People's Republic of China and to Chinese and Serbian companies participating in the Project, noting that more than 60 Serbian companies are involved in the construction of the new unit. She also thanked the river shipping company JRB AD for their assistance in delivering the equipment. "Special thanks goes to the miners in the Drmno open pit mine whose capacity will be increased by 30 percent by this project." We also offer our thanks to all the miners in all our mines who are working diligently in order to provide sufficient quantities of coal and enable us to have to import as little electricity as possible," added Djedovic.

Ambassador Chen Bo pointed out that the arrival of the equipment is extremely important for keeping the pace in line with the works schedule. "Numerous difficulties in the delivery of equipment have been overcome, but owing to the efforts of the Chinese and Serbian sides, the realization of the project is reaching the final stage. Although we are still facing many challenges, I am convinced that the Chinese company will make maximum efforts, with the valuable support of Serbian partners, to complete the construction of the thermal power plant within the agreed time frame," said Chen Bo.

After attending the arrival of the final batch of equipment, Minister Djedovic visited the construction site of the new unit, and then laid a wreath at the Miners' monument in Stari Kostolac.