Mihajlovic in Priboj: Project "Jadar" development chance, super-ecologists are alarming the people

Mihajlovic in Priboj: Project "Jadar" development chance, super-ecologists are alarming the people

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, said in Priboj, where a new biomass heating plant was opened, that for some politicians and those who want it to be obvious, the election campaign has begun, in which the main topic will be environmental protection, ie abuse of this issue.

Answering the question of the journalists about the attacks on her because of the "Jadar" project, she said that it was a development opportunity for Serbia, but that there were conditions that needed to be met.

"Serbia is the only country in the world that has jadarite, and within it are lithium and boron - critical mineral raw materials when we talk about climate change in the world. This project is good, it is a development project that will provide a different position and image of Serbia in the world when we talk about energy and the fight against climate change. I think it is a good project, but there are conditions that it must meet. The first concerns the environment. It must meet all, not only our, but also world standards in this area. The second condition is to provide the maximum benefit to Serbia, and that is the complete production chain. In addition to the mine, we also want a factory for lithium batteries and electric vehicles. That means a job for several thousand people, of which only two thousand in the mine and a contribution to GDP of 17 billion euros. The third condition is that the citizens support it in the referendum, after they receive all the information, "she said.

Mihajlovic pointed out that the opponents of this and other projects want to alarm the people.

"Whatever they say, the essence is that the state must do everything for the country to continue to develop. Everyone who wants to go back 140 years, and even then they said against the construction of the railway that it is a black snake, that women will not have children because of the railway, let them return to that good, but let them throw away their mobile phones, laptops, let turn off the electricity. It is all lithium and copper, and Serbia is too rich in these critical minerals. I repeat, everything that is healthy, we will do our best to make it happen, "she said.