Mihajlovic: RES is the only way to be energy safe in the long run

Mihajlovic: RES is the only way to be energy safe in the long run

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, said that long-term energy security is not possible without new investments in RES and without the implementation of the process of energy transition and decarbonization.

"There has never been more talk about RES, it has never been more important in the world to work as much as possible on increasing production capacities that use renewable sources. Last year was a world record in terms of capacity growth of six percent, this year is expected to grow by eight percent and it shows that regardless of the crisis, the whole world is turning to energy transition, green transition and RES development, because it is one of the main opportunities to make countries more energy-safe, greater use of RES ", she said at the conference" Renewable energy, Serbia's potentials - opportunities for Israel ", at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

"We have created a good legislative framework, which was also recognized by the EU, which is important because we want to go for full membership, and investors have also recognized it." Despite all the resistance and obstruction we have encountered, we continue to implement our plan, which is that by 2040 we have at least 40 percent of the production capacity from RES. "Excluding large HPPs, Serbia has only 3.5 percent of RES in its energy mix, ie solar and wind power plants, and the potential is much higher and we should use it," said Mihajlovic.

She pointed out that the partnership with Israel, having in mind the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of green energy, is important for the overall improvement of relations between the two countries, but also for increasing investments in Serbia.