Mihajlovic: Stabilization of EPS is a priority, we have the potential to produce enough electricity for our needs

Mihajlovic: Stabilization of EPS is a priority, we have the potential to produce enough electricity for our needs

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, said, as a guest on TV Happy, that the fact that Serbia has the lowest electricity prices is not an argument why it is necessary to increase prices, but that it is necessary to stabilize the "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" and to be able to produce sufficient amounts of electricity.

"Serbia has the lowest electricity prices in Europe, but that is not an argument, but we need to support and help " Elektroprivreda Srbije " to stabilize. We need money for equipment and preparations for next year, and if EPS has to import electricity and coal this year, it can produce enough for our needs next year. This year and part of next year, we need to invest in EPS, so that during the winter of 2023/24. years had sufficient amounts of energy. I am exclusively for the stabilization of EPS, because it is the most important company in the country. If we do not have gas and oil deposits and we will always be import dependent, then we must use all the potentials, and Serbia has many of them, to produce sufficient quantities of electricity for its own needs, even for export. EPS has to open two new fields and it needs equipment, that is pure mathematics. Otherwise, it will be in a deficit of 40 percent, "said Mihajlovic.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that the decree on energy-protected customers will cover about 200,000 households in Serbia. "We have prepared a decree on energy-protected customers, which existed before, but a small number of households could use the benefits. Now we have changed the criteria and it no longer refers only to the beneficiaries of social assistance, but also depends on the number of household members, total income, health status and it is estimated that about 200,000 households will have lower bills for electricity and gas, but also for thermal energy, which is also a novelty. At the same time, we all need to start saving together, to use energy more rationally, because electricity is the noblest form of energy that we waste.

"We have started with the realization of projects that will improve energy efficiency, we have provided enough money to help with 50 percent of the total value, and people already understand how important it is when they change the carpentry," she said.