Pavlovic: Inspectorates greatly contribute to improving the observance of legality and security

Pavlovic: Inspectorates greatly contribute to improving the observance of legality and security

Inspections make an important contribution to the success of social reforms and bear a significant part of the burden of their implementation and, despite the challenges faced in the field primarily by mining and geological inspectors who, in the previous two years, since the establishing of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, intensified regular and extraordinary inspections, show that they are key to improving respect for legality and improving the business climate, said Zoran Pavlovic, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy, speaking at the Conference "Day of Inspectors of Serbia" organized by the Network of Inspectors of Serbia.

He particularly emphasized that the abuse of the right to petitions and complaints to inspectorates is increasingly prevalent, as well as that inspectors in the field face frequent attacks.

"In the previous period, some NGOs and citizens' associations published inaccurate and untrue information, and regardless of the fact that we doubted the accuracy of the information, the inspections always responded and acted. The inspectors of the Ministry of Mining and Energy in the course of the supervision they carried out at the request of the supervised entity, identified a risk of endangering the safety of people, property and the environment, which is why they ordered urgent measures to eliminate the danger. When the ordered emergency measures began to be implemented, certain NGOs and political parties interfered with the implementation of the measures. Protests were organized, there was vandalism, intimidation and attacks on employees of that supervised entity, private property, and even the use of firearms and the destruction of machines owned by the supervised entity and causing injury to workers. When the attacks started, the Ministry made announcements several times, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD visited the site under dispute. Then the inspector's decision was discussed by the Committee for Environmental Protection of the National Assembly, which adopted the Ministry's report, thus confirming the validity of the inspector's ordered measures," said Pavlovic.


"Let's not forget that inspectors protect legality and security, and without that there is no progress or reform of society." Inspectorates cannot be seen as an expense but as an investment in the future, and that is why it is important to work on improving the position of inspectors, which will increase the interest in filling vacant positions, which is not at a high level today," said Pavlovic.