Department for material and financial affairs

The Department for Material and Financial Affairs performs activities related to: budget planning for the Ministry; transfer of funds to individual users and control over the spending of those funds; cooperation with the National Bank of Serbia and commercial banks; cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in planning and execution of budget funds and other sources of funds: funds from donations, foreign borrowings; preparation of proposals for the adoption of the financial plan; preparation of proposals for priority areas of funding in accordance with the budget calendar; monitoring the execution of the Ministry's financial plans regarding the use of funds for special purposes; preparation and coordination of work related to the preparation of estimates of revenues and expenditures of the Ministry; monitoring the dynamics of inflow and expenditure of funds; bookkeeping; keeping records of real estate and payment of obligations for the same; records of movable and immovable property of the Ministry; preparation of annual reports for the Republic Directorate for Property of the Republic of Serbia, Republic Statistical Office; submitting opinions on proposals of laws and bylaws in the field of budget accounting and financial operations of the Ministry as a direct budget user; monitoring regulations in the field of finance and accounting; providing full financial support to all internal organizational units of the Ministry for their continuous work in accordance with positive legal regulations; preparation of draft public procurement plan; organizing and conducting public procurement procedures; monitoring the implementation of the public procurement plan, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Department.

The following internal units are being formed in the Department for Material and Financial Affairs:

  • Budget and Analytical - Planning Group;
  • Financial and Accounting Department;
  • Public Procurement Group.