Department of Strategic Planning in Energy

The Department for Strategic Planning in Energy performs activities related to: preparation and development of energy policy, ie Energy Development Strategy, Program for Implementation of the Strategy, Energy Balance, as well as other planning documents and reports in the field of energy at the national and local level; monitoring the implementation of the Energy Development Strategy, the Strategy Implementation Program, the Energy Balance and other strategic and planning documents; preparation of expert bases for drafting laws, draft bylaws and harmonization of regulations with European Union regulations; drafting regulations in this area, as well as analyzing the effects of the application of those regulations; preparation of opinions on draft laws, bylaws, strategic, planning and other documents submitted for opinion by other authorized proposers; cooperation with international institutions and organizations in the country and abroad; participation in international projects and activities related to strategic planning and energy statistics; monitoring the work of local energy; preparation and proposing of domestic and international projects in the field of strategic planning and local energy; activities to improve the operation of local energy systems; administration of the IMIS database for energy balance, LEP database for thermal energy and software SEMS - Energy Modeling System of Serbia, as well as other tasks within the scope of the Department.